Why tennis and padel balls lose pressure?


Whether you're Roger, Serena, Fernando or an occasional player, hitting the ball time and time again will have as effect that pressure will get out of the ball


This one might come as a surprise but when you let your tennis and padel balls in your bag for some time, pressure comes out of those. Why? Take back your physics course and say thanks (or not?) to Mister Le Chatelier!

Why tennis and padel balls are bad for the planet?

This is quite a sensitive topic that must be tackled and we must say it...
Yes, tennis and padel are bad for the planet...


A tennis/padel ball takes 2,500 years to biodegrade and there are more than 300 million balls produced every year


Only 0.5% of all balls are recycled


As a result, tennis is the 4th most polluting sport in the world

And how would a tennis and padel ball repressurizer help?

By putting back your tennis and padel balls in a pressurized environment, these will last longer.  In fact, your balls will last up to 3 times longer.  If your balls last longer, you'll buy them less often and you'll throw them away less often!

Tennis and padel

ball repressurizer

The tennis and padel ball repressurizer allows you to extend the life of your balls. This is done thanks to its integrated pump that allows to recreate a pressurized environment for your balls after every game​!


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