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Increase the life of your tennis balls by 3

How much would you save every year?

How many games do you keep the same tennis  balls? ​
How many times do you play a week? 


extra in your wallet



of waste saved for the planet


Fed-up of not playing with good tennis balls every game?

The tennis ball repressurizer, thanks to its unique design, allows you to increase the life of your tennis balls up to 3 times longer and to keep an almost constant rebound during the entire life of your balls


Tired of buying tennis balls every other week?

The tennis ball repressurizer allows you to play longer with your tennis balls making your wallet happier. Use our tool below to calculate how much you will save each year!


Did you know that tennis is one of the most polluting sport?

The tennis ball repressurizer extends the life of your tennis balls. You'll throw them less often and make the planet happier

Tennis ball repressurizer

The tennis ball repressurizer allows you to extend the life of your tennis balls

This is done thanks to its integrated pump that allows to recreate a pressurized environment for your tennis balls after every game



Ranking : C15.3

I am really happy with this tube as it is effectively working to use the tennis balls for a longer time than usually. The pressure of the balls are still good after having played 4-5 times. Great for the wallet and the environment!

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